Guild Info
Wolf Guardians is a fun, friendly guild on Feathermoon & Scarlet Crusade. We do both PvE & PvP along with some special events.

Guild Voice

Promotions are based on your activity and contrubution to the guild.

This includes things such as

  • Participating in guild events.
  • Participating in guild runs and challenges.
  • Helping other members.
  • Donating items to the guild.
  • Being an active, participating raid and/or RBG team member.

Inactivity for 1 month or more will cause you to be placed in the "Dead" rank & after 3 months removed from the guild. You can prevent this by messaging one of the GMs here or in game. Include the names of any characters you have in the guild, the reason for your inactivity, & the estimated ammount of time you'll be away. (If known) The officer note will be set on your character/s stating that you are away, why, & for how long. If your reason is personal/private it will be listed as such. Officer notes can only be seen by the GMs & Officers.


  • Raids, dungeons, & questing. (Old & new content)
  • BGs, RBGs, skrims, arenas & raiding Alliance cities.
  • World bosses & rare hunting.
  • Treasure hunting.
  • Rep farming.
  • Achievement farming.
  • Random special events.
  • Suggestions welcome.

Rank System:
  • Alpha Female: Mrs. Guild master
  • Alpha Fem. Alt: Mrs. GM's Alts
  • Alpha Male: Mr. Guild master & his Alts
  • Beta: Officers
  • Elder: Raid & RBG team members (Officers that participate remain in the officer rank)
  • Hunter: Member
  • Pup: New members 
  • Dead: Inactive members (1 month +)
No FB Yes FB Hand (smaller) Lap 40.063em Desk 64.063em Wall 90.063em